After living in London for 12 years, we quit our jobs and decided to pursue a break from everyday life to find inspiration and ideas for something new in life.

In 2016 we embarked on an amazing 10 months journey across Europe, South East Asia, New Zealand and Japan.

During the trip we met many people and got in contact with new and unique cultures, new way of living, eating and cooking. It was simply the best time of our life.

While travelling in Japan, we had the opportunity to experience a magical and very fortunate encounter with a man from Kanazawa who later became our Business Partner and with whom we decided to open CASA.

Japan has always been of great interest for us and opening a restaurant in Kanazawa just seemed the best things to do.

We like to believe that this whole project was meant to happen and was a sign of destiny. We just followed our heart and we are now living our dream.


Born into a Central Italian family who prized the craft of artisan food, Matteo understand the importance of good food at very young age by watching his Mother preparing family’s meals and her great dedication for genuine and regional food.
After completing his graduation in Graphic Design at the Accademia delle Belle Arti, he moved to London at the age of 25 where his life took a turn.
He initially worked as Graphic Designer and Photographer but he soon realized that it was not what he wanted to do and became fully aware that his true calling in life was to be a Chef.

After intense years of cookery studies and hard work in several places such as Caviar House & Prunier in Harrod’s and Rosette awarded Restaurants, his appetite for culinary experience
eventually took him to join the team of professional chefs in JP Morgan in Canary Wharf, London.
Is here that his experience and creativity merged together and he refined his skills as an emerging Fine Dining Chef. For 4 years he was responsible for preparing sophisticated food in the private Fine Dining Restaurant of JP Morgan top management.

At JP Morgan he learnt about professionalism, about cooking with the latest techniques and a new approach to contemporary cuisine. Most important he learnt about himself and he start developing his own style into something that reflect his own personality, resulting in calm, simple but subtle dishes, packed with flavor and a celebration of fresh ingredients.


She was born in a small but very beautiful city in central Italy and always had a spontaneous and very friendly personality.
Travelling has always been her great passion and while she was a young student she worked at few local restaurants during the summer time just to gain enough money to travel to new destinations.

After graduating in International Communication at the University for Foreigner of Perugia, she helped in her family Bed & Breakfast while trying to find a good job opportunity in Italy.
Nothing seemed to stimulate her interest enough and in 2006 she moved to London to explore new possibilities.

London was suddenly a revelation and the city appeared to be a place where all her dreams could come true.
While enjoying her job as Passenger Service Agent at Heathrow Airport and travelling the world, she learned the basics of Hospitality and Customer Service.

In 2010 she joined GTA, one of the major Travel Company in Europe later acquired by KUONI Travel and JTB.
She worked for the company for over 8 years covering different roles until in 2014 she secured her most desired job and became a Sales Travel Manager.

Silvia’s genuine passion and continue research has also driven her to gain a Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and helped her to be a major player in some of the most important companies in the Hospitality industry in London.